Trainer: Dimitris Tsigos

Duration: 2 days

The Cyprus Media School offers a course to enhance your skills in shooting video on your smartphone and editing the material to create complete videos with polished, stylish and professional results.

The mobile phone is a crucial piece of equipment which is changing the way video is produced and viewed.  Phones with camera capacity arrived in the mid-1990s and video capacity came a few years later. There are now more than six billion phones around the world, many of them are smartphones, which has made it much easier for everyone to record moving pictures. However, editing these pictures into a viewable sequence is much more difficult.
This course guides participants through all stages of the process and the two days are divided between 20% classroom theory and 80% practical exercises. Participants are assigned both group exercises and individual projects to put newly-acquired skills into practice.

Participants learn how to:

  1. plan sequences
  2. shoot video in a creative way
  3. use the tricks of the trade to achieve better material
  4. edit sequences to achieve professional results
  5. integrate smartphone applications into production and post-production workflow

A review of recordings is followed by a group discussion and course ends with one-to-one recap sessions.


An advanced course can also be offered over a further two days to train how to use smartphone technology in the broadcast environment. The key elements of this additional course are:

  1. new technology applications and integration in to TV control rooms
  2. mobile apps and shooting rigs for use within broadcast television
  3. post production, collaborating hubs and developing trends
  4. Graphics: how they are used and real time graphic technology
  5. Integration with broadcast systems ENPS, INEWS, OCTAPUS in the modern news stations
  6. Green screen content: course participants shoot and produce sequences with graphics. This session includes important features which incorporate acting, newscasting, and make-up.