Public Speaking

Regardless of profession or skillset, being able to communicate effectively in public is a crucial professional skill to possess. The ability to express oneself with clarity, engagement and impact is vital.

We offer practical tuition in the principles of public speaking and we teach effective oral communication for individuals who are required to deliver speeches in public. Participants examine structures of informative, persuasive and narrative speeches which include many realistic exercises in classroom, on stage, and in TV studio environments.

This course combines interactive communication, language workshop, sharing of experiences, role-playing, case studies, analysis and feedback. Realistic scenarios are created to encourage participants to write and deliver speeches, appear on a TV programme, and face difficult questions from interviewers. Practical exercises are recorded and reviewed.


  • Skills and confidence are developed to communicate effectively
  • Fears of public speaking are transformed into a communication advantage
  • Presentations are structured and crafted for maximum impact
  • Speeches with clarity and power are delivered in front of peers
  • Participants learn how to engage and connect with an audience
  • Body language, eye contact, and vocal techniques are developed
  • Participants learn best practices of pre-speech preparation