Introduction to Multi-Camera TV Direction

Introductory course for novice TV directors to provide a basic knowledge of multi-camera TV direction

Trainer: MUNRO FORBES, CMA Director, Sigma TV Special Advisor, Production Consultant and BBC & ITV Director (United Kingdom)

Participants are introduced to TV grammar, camera shots, shot sequences, script notation & camera instructions.


The course comprises 20% classroom theory and 80% practical studio exercises.
Practical multi-camera studio exercises include interviews, news bulletins, demonstrations and magazine
programmes. Course sessions are divided between group exercises and assigned projects.
A review of recordings is followed by a group discussion and course ends with one-to-one recap sessions.
Participants develop the skills required to:

  • plan a programme from initial idea to final transmission
  • prepare a studio recording
  • prepare TV running orders, studio floor plans, camera scripts and camera shot cards
  • shoot studio interviews and studio sequences
  • direct a TV news bulletin
  • direct a studio magazine programme
  • plan, script and record a complex studio production
  • direct a musical item for TV


Guest speakers include:

Peter Dick, BBC Director and BBC Media Action Trainer (United Kingdom)
Roger Simpson Director from BBC World and ITV (United Kingdom)

Duration: 10 days