Introduction to Filmmaking


Trainer: Ms Leah Kayaleh

 In this one-week intensive course, participants will be introduced to the art of filmmaking and learn how to make a short film. 

Key points of the syllabus: 

  • The idea
  • Storytelling: character, plot, & structure
  • Scriptwriting: logline, synopsis, treatment, format, & screenplay
  • Framing the narrative: shot composition, shot list, & storyboarding
  • The roles of the crew
  • Casting & locations
  • Directing & working with actors
  • Basic camera & lighting
  • Basic editing
  • Basic sound design


The process of pre-production, production and post-production will be studied and the course concludes with the production of a short film exercise. 


We employ international trainers and courses are offered in English, with Greek or Arabic  translation if required

Duration: 7 days