2-Day Workshop
Friday 19th & Saturday 20th June


  • 2-day workshop designed to help your business attract new online clients
  • Learn how to move from the traditional to the digital world!
  • Promote your business on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Google


Whether you own an online store, restaurant, business or offer a service – this workshop will teach you proven and effective techniques in how to improve your brand image, gain new customers, and achieve your financial goals.
There is no secret formula when it comes to increasing business sales. We can show you how to think in strategic way and explore existing opportunities without spending vast amounts of money on advertising.
This course benefits both marketing professionals who want to update their e-marketing skills, and people who plan to start their own online business or develop existing ones.



This course is based at Cyprus Media Academy’s audio-visual classroom and in DIAS Media Group’s studios in Nicosia. The workshop is divided into two days:
Day 1 is the main training programme which lasts six hours, with breaks for lunch and refreshments.
Day 2 offers one-on-one sessions.



Eteoklis Papanastasiou is our trainer and is highly experienced in his field. After working for some of Greece and Cyprus’ largest advertising agencies, he now works independently by offering his services to help small businesses grow and develop. Eteoklis has the ability to connect the dots between design and marketing and creates successful and memorable advertising campaigns. Over the last 4 years, Eteoklis has been responsible for developing the digital communication strategy for more than 20 brands and has created more than five hundred 6-second bumper ads, sometimes with just one laptop and camera!



Our special fee of €250 includes:

  • Day 1 workshop in CMA classroom
  • Day 2 optional one-to-one session in CMA classroom
  • Course materials
  • Feedback notes for each participant

We offer discounts to students and to participants who bring referrals.

To enrol, please contact Christina Kallis in our administration department.
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (+357) 22 580100 & (+357) 99 036464


Day 1 Workshop
Friday, 19th June

Time Activity Material
09:00-09:20 INTRODUCTION
Aims of Course
Who am I?
Why you can trust me?
My philosophy and how I work.
09:20-10:10 PART 1
Principles of a brand
What is a brand?
What is branding?
Differences between product and brand?
What makes a successful brand?
What is advertising?
What makes a successful ad?
Differences between marketing & advertising & branding
How to differentiation my brand from others
Principles of marketing strategy
Principles of digital marketing strategy?
Principles of brand identity (logo, typefaces, tune of voices)
10:10-10:30 Create Your Own Brand
10:30-11:00 Part 3
Principles of Customer Behaviour
Understanding customer needs and desires
How customers think and behave
Emotional versus logical decisions
How to influence purchase decision
How to build trust with your customers
Why discount sales of your product is not a solution
Why are people willing to pay more for branded products
Why is everyone not our customer
How customers understand words?
Why storytelling is important
How to associate a brand with a feeling
*Case Study from my personal experience relate with customer behaviour
11:00-11:30 Define your customers
Get feedback
11:30 -12:00 BREAK
12:00-12:45 Principles of Digital Marketing
Sales versus brand
How to differentiate a brand
How to set an achievable goal
Long term and short term goals
How to communicate a message effectively
Who are my customers and how to reach them
Content strategy on social media
How to improve your brand image by using social media
How to turn your social media into a sales machine
Specific strategy for Facebook
How to create a landing page without coding
How to create an online shop by yourself
Principle of seo and why it is important to have a landing page?
Easy way to start email marketing
Principle of a google business account
12:00-12:30 Feedback
Create your own digital marketing plan
12:30-13:30 Part 5
Principles of Social Media
How to use your Facebook page effectively
Example of successful pages
How to talk to the right audience
Why Facebook is still the king of social media
Why a Google business account is important
The right content at the right time
Post working on social media
Different social media with the same message
Facebook vs Instagram vs Linkedin vs TikTok
How to use Facebook groups effective!
Tips and trick for Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn
How to define the right message on social platform
Does an influencer help my brand
How to reply to a message
How to reply to a negative message
How to turn a negative review into a positive one!
13:30-14:30 LUNCH BREAK
14:30-15:15 Part 6
Principles of Content Creation
How to create advertising
Problems with new ideas
How to develop better ideas for content
How to create unique content
Unique content vs stock image content
Why it is important to create your own content
Working with professionals and working by yourself
How to create content for your Facebook page
How to create canvas ads, carousel ads, and mini landing pages on Facebook
How to create content for your Instagram account
How to find free platforms for editing
Principle of video advertising
Easy tips for video adverting
How to use your phone for shooting material
How to find free music for your video
Principles of brainstorming
Brainstorming of big ideas
Backstage of real examples
Easy ideas for content creation
Ways to work fast!
15:15-16:30 Part 7
Principles of Promotion
How to promote on YouTube?
How to achieve more views on YouTube
How to promote on Google
How to promote on Instagram?
How to promote on instagram stories?
How to promote on Facebook
How to achieve more likes on Facebook & Instagram
How to develop traffic on your website
How to build sales on your website
How to work with specific target audiences
How to sell your product online
Learn about testing campaigns and how to save money
Invest the right amount and limit the chance of failure


Day 2 Workshop
Saturday, 20th June


10:00-14:00 Individual one-to-one sessions
Create a full marketing campaign live
Principles of growing your brand online
Discussion your particular problems and issues
Competitor Analysis
Boost your own post
Get feedback!
15:00-16:00 Q&A