George Papadopoulos


        George Papadopoulos is an Architect and Interior Designer. He is a graduate from London
University’s Bartlet School of Architecture with First Degree Honours. He obtained a Diploma in Architecture and became a member of RIBA, ARCUK and ETEK. He studied under such architects and teachers as James Stirling, James Gowan, and Phylip Tabor.

In 1992 he formed the company SKINOTECHNIKI, to provide his clients with a complete package that includes design and construction of sets for the stage television and film, exhibition stands, museums, and architecture.

He designed for stages and TV channels in Cyprus and around the world such us the
Alberta Ballet Company-Canada, Ballet Austin-USA, THOK (The Cyprus National Theatre),
ITI (International Theatre Institute), Bloomsbury Theatre – London, Vergina Theatre Thessaloniki, EBU (European Broadcasting Union), UNICEF, PIK-Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, Sigma TV-Cyprus.
For many projects, he collaborated with award winning Disney director Derick Lasala, and well known executive producer Munro Forbes.

His comprehensive exhibition, “Evoenos Nisos” on the history of wine making in Cyprus took part in the celebrations for Patra-Cultural Capital of Europe 2006.
In 2007, he was awarded the state price for scenography for his work in the short filme “Farmakon” by loakim Mylonas.
He designed the Cyprus Museum of Education in Vasa, the Cyprus Medical Museum in Kato Polemidia and the Cyprus Forest Museum in Kambos.
Over the last few years, his work was published extensively in magazines and books in Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Saudi Arabia and China.
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