Crisis Communication & Emergency Media Response Training

We offer a full day’s training for management teams which combines theory and practice. We deliver crisis simulation exercises in the Cyprus Media Academy audiovisual classroom and in the TV studios of DIAS Media Group.
The course begins by understanding the likely behaviour of the media in a crisis and how to prepare for a media exchange in print, online and broadcast. We plan messages and look at appropriate body language, either on-camera or when speaking to an external audience. Each participant then takes part in a short, non-confrontational interview which is played back to the group.
We also practise reading crisis statements to camera in a press conference environment. Participants will react to breaking news, deliver statements, and take part in a series of interviews with a TV reporter and crew, and in a real TV studio. Participants will feel the pressure of working to deadline and fielding challenging questions.


  • Presentations on media behaviour in a crisis
  • Managing a crisis, including statements & interviews
  • Preparation & messaging for print, broadcast & online
  • On-camera performances
  • Social media interaction
  • Interviews in a real TV studio at Sigma Television headquarters
  • Press conference statements
  • Guidance on chairing a press conference in a realistic environment