Advanced Multi-Camera TV Direction

Advanced course for experienced TV directors to improve time management skills, develop visual creativity, and embrace modern production techniques.

Trainer: MUNRO FORBES  CMA Director, Sigma TV Special Advisor, Production Consultant and BBC & ITV Director (United Kingdom)

TV grammar, camera shots, camera instructions & script notation are revised.
Various studio exercises are recorded which require steadicam and jib shots.
Participants also plan both a major studio production from initial idea to final transmission and outside broadcast coverage of a major event.
The course comprises 20% classroom theory and 80% practical studio exercises. Group exercises and
individual projects include a morning show, a fast-moving quiz, a debate with a studio audience, and a
music production.
A review of recordings is followed by a group discussion and the course ends with one-to-one recap sessions.
Guest speakers include:
Peter Dick, BBC Director and BBC Media Action Trainer (United Kingdom)
Carl Pritchard, Studio Director, Sky TV (United Kingdom)

Duration: 10 days